What is a Dedicated Member?

A dedicated member in CALESS participates in at least two events of each of our pillars; Professional, Academics, Community, attains the needed amount of points for the school year, and is also a paid member for the school year.


 Benefits of Becoming a Dedicated Member 

  • Access to Academic Drive

  • 1st Priority for conferences

  • Eligible to be nominated as CALESS Leader of the Quarter

  • Additional priority when stated

  • Eligible for scholarships at Banquet*

  • Graduate Benefits*: Recognition at Banquet, Stole, and Plaque


How to become a Dedicated Member?

  • Paid Annual Membership Fee ($20) 

  • + Attend (2) Academic Events by June 8th | 5 points each

  • + Attend (2) Professional Events by June 8th | 4 points each

  • + Attend (2) Community Events by June 8th | 3 points each

  • + Attain 51 more points by June 8th 

  • = Active Member

Note: *To be eligible for Banquet benefits: must fulfill requirements by April 10th. No particular order to follow for requirements as long as all are done. 


Chart Version of Paid, Active, & Dedicated Membership

​It is the member’s responsibility to make sure to sign in at every CALESS event you attend in order to receive points for your attendance.


Active & Dedicated Member Calendars