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Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Chicanx and Latinx Engineers and Scientists Society (herein referred to as CALESS).

Article II: Affiliations

CALESS shall be a student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and MAES Latinos in Science and Engineering and a registered student organization of the University Of California, Davis. CALESS shall abide by its own by-laws and by the regulations of the University of California, Davis.

Article III: Purpose

Our Mission:

To foster an environment where students in STEM thrive academically, professionally, and socially with the goal to better serve the Chicanx and Latinx community.

Our Vision:

To be a primary pipeline for Chicanx and Latinx students to excel in STEM fields.

Article IV: Objective

The objective of CALESS shall be to:

a) Provide support to our members through social gatherings, tutoring, academic workshops, and exposure to industry.

b) Establish a scholarship network for members

c) Help members obtain summer and permanent employment.

d) Provide study sessions for our members.

e) Tutor students for the benefit of advancing Chicanx and Latinx to higher education.

f) Recruit potential Chicanx and Latinx students into the fields of STEM through community outreach

g) Interact with other school chapters so as to achieve unity and retention of Chicanx and Latinx in Engineering and Science at the University of California, Davis and other chapters.

Article V: Membership

Members shall not be restricted on the basis of race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnicity. Membership shall consist of registered students, faculty, and staff. CALESS shall have two forms of membership:

1) Paid Member

2) Active Member

Section 1: ​Paid members shall consist of UC Davis students or anyone (e.g. faculty and staff) who paid for their CALESS membership fees within that academic school year.

Section 2: ​Active members shall consist of UC Davis students or anyone (e.g. faculty and staff) who are paid members and have fulfilled the requirements for active membership decided by the board of that academic school year.

Article VI: Powers of Officers & Non Officers

The affairs of CALESS shall be governed by the active members in the following way:

Section 1: The authority of CALESS shall reside in the general membership. Each member shall have the privilege of casting one vote in the election of officers and in all business pertaining to the affairs of the organization.

Section 2: Between meetings of the general membership, the authority shall reside within those officers present at the officers’ meetings.

Article VII: Order of Succession

1) A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the Vice President.

2) A vacancy in the office of the Vice President shall be filled by the Secretary.   

3) In the event that the order of succession cannot be fully enacted, the board of officers shall appoint a President or Vice President.

Clause 1: If Article VII cannot be followed and a vacancy in any office occurs, refer to protocol in Article VIII

1.) The President will send out a nomination poll for the vacant position. a) This nomination will remain open for 5 days from the day it was sent out. b) All general members can nominate for vacancies. 2.) The President will then ensure the nominees meet the requirements of Article XI (Elections Article) and notify the nominees, who follow Article XI, that they were nominated for the position. a) President will have one day to do this. 3.) The nominees must accept or decline running for the vacant position within 2 days from when the President notifies them of their nomination. 4.) After the nominee has accepted running for the vacant position, the nominee will have to submit a video speech (3 min. max) or a 1 page Cover Letter to the President. a) The nominee must submit all materials within 2 days from their acceptance to run for the vacant position. 5.) Once all the required materials are submitted, the President will send out an email with the election poll, cover letters, and video speeches to all paid members to vote for the incoming officer. a) The election poll will be open 5 days from the day it was sent out. 6.) The incoming officer will be presented to the members via email and at the next general meeting. Clause 1: During the time of election process for vacancies occur, the current board will select a board member to serve as the interim for the vacant position. Clause 2: If there are no nominees, current board will decide how to address the vacancy (e.g. leave the position vacant, the board nominates someone based off of majority vote from them and then paid members vote on that nominee)

Article VIII: Vacancies

Article IX: Impeachment of Officers

The impeachment of an officer shall proceed as follows:

a) Process may be enacted to activities of an officer which are against CALESS’s purpose, objectives, and whose duties are not being completed.

b) The process shall begin via petition of at least one-third of the members.

c) The petition will be presented to the officers five days prior to a general meeting in order for the officers to present it at the next meeting.

d) The active membership must make a decision within two weeks of notification with a two-thirds vote of those present.

e) The impeached officer will be unable to run for office until the next academic year.

Article X: Termination of Membership

Active membership can be terminated in CALESS by expulsions provided in this constitution. Active membership can be withdrawn or refused by a majority vote of the general membership for the following reasons:

Section 1: Participation in activities that are detrimental to the functioning goals of CALESS.

Section 2: Any active member may withdraw their membership at any time voluntarily

Section 3: Regular membership shall be withdrawn when the student ceases to attend the University of California, Davis

Section 4: After active membership from CALESS has been withdrawn, outstanding debts owed to CALESS must be repaid within 30 days of the withdrawn date

Article XI: Elections

Section 1: President and Vice President positions should have at least one-year of experience on the CALESS Board. If no one is able to fulfill this requirement, it will be open to all paid and active members.

Section 2: To run for a position, you must be a paid member.

Section 3: To vote you must be a paid member.

Section 4: The elections of new officers shall begin at the end of winter quarter with nominations from the general membership. Section 5: All nominated officers are elected by a majority vote of the general paid members.

Section 6: Elected officers shall assume their offices by the Friday of the seventh week of the spring quarter and the terms of the existing officers shall end.

Article XII: Officer Responsibilities

The duties of the Officers shall be the following: President: 1) Main contact for CALESS 2) Conduct officer and general meetings 3) Oversee all activities and check in with officers 4) Maintain contact with Alumni 5) In charge of CALESS Leader of the Quarter 6.) In charge of election processes for an entire year after assuming position during Week 7 of Spring (including finishing any processes that began before the end of term) ​ Vice-President: 1) Update scholarships and internship opportunities on Academic Website 2) In charge of coordinating at least one professional event per quarter (resume review, round table, mock interviews, tips on successful career fair, industry tours) 3) Collaborating with Treasurer to ensure funding for professional events 4) Run meetings when President is not present ​ Secretary: 1) Record minutes at the officer and general meetings 2) Distribute agendas before every meeting 3) In charge of distribution of thank you cards 4) Update all CALESS calendars (Google calendar & active member opportunities) ​ Treasurer: 1) Keep track of all accounts 2) Give financial reports at least once per month and once per quarter at the general meetings 3) Write any needed proposals 4) Form a committee to raise funds for CALESS 5) Collect membership fees  Communications: 1) Sends a weekly email 2) Update listserv and website 3) Maintain CALESS analytics 4) Send a quarterly update of chapter accomplishments 5) Coordinate logistics for CALESS events Public Relations: 1) Create flyers and infographics for all our events 2) Create, promote, share our events on social media 3) Photograph all general and special events 4) Update event photography on Google Drive 5) Update alumni database on website 6) Co-chair social committee with University Liaison ​ University Liaison : 1) Attend all joint meetings with other ethnic and/or engineering organizations 2) Engineering Joint Council Liaison 3) In charge of coordinating university events involving CALESS 4) Update the officers and members of events taking place within other organizations that pertain to CALESS 5) Co-chair social committee with Public Relations 6) Update active member lists (by using membership logs) External Academic Chair: 1) In charge of forming an academic committee 2) In charge of coordinating study jams and study lockdowns 3) Coordinate opportunities for the academic growth of all CALESS members (graduate school tours, workshops about research, grad school, academic success, research opportunities, and etc.) 4) In charge of Graduate Fellowship Archive 5) Coordinate presentations about academic success and development during at least one general meeting per quarter 6) Assist Internal Academic Chair when needed Internal Academic Chair: 1) In charge of forming an academic committee 2) In charge of coordinating and organization the Buddy System and Buddy System events 3) Update Academic Website appropriately for the quarter and year 4) Update research opportunities on Academic Website 5) Update CALESS Academic Drive by asking for material from others and send other materials 6) Assist External Academic Chair when needed Outreach: 1) Form an outreach committee 2) In charge of organizing all of CALESS’s campus outreach events 3) In charge of reserving on-campus locations for CALESS Special Events: 1) Organize all special events (Winter Retreat, End of the Year Banquet) 2) Write letters of invitations to affiliates of CALESS for the Banquet 3) Organize IM Sports teams if there is interest 4) Form a special events committee

Article XIII: Committees

All committees standing or added shall be established by the officers. Approval for establishing and terminating the committees shall be made by a majority vote of officers.

Article XIV: Meetings 

The general and officer meetings shall be headed by the President. If the President is unable to attend, the Order of Succession shall be enacted.

Article XV: Amendments

Proposed amendments must be announced during a general meeting. Amendments shall be ratified by a majority vote by all members present at the meeting at least two weeks after the proposed amendment.

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