Whether you are just looking around the website or you truly want to get involved, here is a great place to start and get your curiosity quenched

Q: What is CALESS? Why should I get involved with CALESS?

A: CALESS stands for Chicanx and Latinx Engineers and Scientists Society, we are a student organization at UC Davis.

Q: How can I get involved with CALESS?

A: The first step is to be added to the listserv which you can do by going to our Membership page and filling out the form. Once that is filled out, you will begin receiving e-mails about our upcoming events and various opportunities. The participation at that point is purely up to you! You will get out of the club, whatever you put into it.

Q: What are SHPE and MAES?

A:  SHPE and MAES are the two national organizations that CALESS is affiliated with. See our SHPE and MAES page for more information.