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Welcome to CALESS

Academics | Professionalism | Community 

Est. 1975

We hope you find this website to be informative and resourceful. We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Every major and ethnicity is welcome!

To stay in the loop about future events visit us on Instagram: @caless.ucd 


Hello familia! I am Emely Rivera and I am the 2022-2023 President for the Chicanx and Latinx Engineers & Scientists Society affectionately known as CALESS. I am a current 4th year majoring in biomedical engineering and have been apart of CALESS since my freshmen year. CALESS has been an immense support system throughout my undergraduate journey and I am honored to be able to lead an amazing team of talented individuals. CALESS will help you grow academically, professionally, and socially, so stop by one of our upcoming events to learn more. Come join our familia by signing up here!


How WE Can Help You

SHPE Convention.heic


SHPE 2021 National Convention 

Professionally, CALESS endeavors to promote undergraduate research and internship involvement as well as to provide the necessary resources to our members for professionalism success.

Some Meeting.HEIC


SHPE Delta Valley Professional Meeting

Academically, CALESS aims to promote Latinx and Chicanx Academic excellence by providing our members with the tools and resources to thrive academically within the classroom. This includes weekly tutoring and study jams, and career readiness workshops.

Winter Retreat.HEIC


Yosemite Winter Retreat  2022

Provide academic and moral support for our members. Establish outreach and enrichment programs for the community. This encompasses tutoring, mentoring and recruitment of high school students for the benefit of advancing Chicanx/Latinx to higher education.

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