Events & Activities      

General Meetings 

Five Meetings each quarter


Resume & Mock-interview

Study Abroad

Company Info


Buddy System


The buddy system provides growth, and support to bring members closer together and increase retention by providing a close-knit resource for academic, professional, and community participation

Thanksgiving Potluck


A bonding-type event that allows members to get to know each other better on a personal level and foster a friendly and welcoming environment within the club

Buddy Competitions

Buddy Pods engage in friendly competition to strengthen relationships within and outside the pod


Winter Retreat


A three-day weekend that creates a platform that makes it easier for new members to feel welcomed since there are many opportunities to have one-on-one conversations with other members.

Science Extravaganza


An event organized by members that brings minority middle/high school students for a fully funded STEM Field Day

Industry Tours


2019 Tours


The Clorox Company

Graduate School Tours

San Jose State University

Annual Banquet


Spring Quarter

Recognize our graduating seniors and our incoming officer board for the year. This event continues a tradition of bringing our organization together and having an end of the year reunion with alumni, staff, sponsors, and current club members.

College Bowl


A networking event that is geared towards connecting current members with professionals to further develop their professional skills in an informal setting.