What is a Paid  Member?

A paid member in CALESS will receive an annual MAES membership code to register with MAES and the benefits listed below. CALESS membership fees are only one-time annual fees that start over at the beginning of every Fall Quarter. 


You are a paid member from the time you pay your annual membership fees until the end of Spring Quarter during that academic school year. (ex. Fall 2018 - Spring 2019)


Benefits of Becoming a Paid Member

  • Receive our Annual MAES membership code to register as a member under MAES for free!

  • One step closer to becoming an Active Member!

  • One step closer to attending Winter Retreat!

  • Access to Academic Drive

  • 3rd priority for conferences

  • Eligible to be nominated as CALESS Leader of the Quarter

  • Can attend any required paid membership CALESS events 


How to become a Paid Member?
  • Pay Annual Membership Fee ($20) to Venmo (@Caless) or CALESS Treasurer in cash

    • After November 16th the fee increases to $25

If you need a payment plan, please contact caless.treasurer@gmail.com.

Chart Version of Paid, Active, & Dedicated Membership


Disclaimer about SHPE Membership Fees

CALESS is also apart of the Society of  Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). It is not required for our members to pay the SHPE membership fee. It is only to the members’ benefit to register as member with SHPE and is their responsibility.

  • Undergraduate Student SHPE Fees: $10

  • Graduate Student SHPE Fees: $15

  • Pay your SHPE Fee & Register as SHPE member: click here