Provide academic and moral support for our members

We achieve this through many social activities, arranging study groups, and providing exam files for different science and engineering courses. Having a couple of friends that are going through the same experience really helps.

Establish and Promote an industry network.

CALESS is the perfect means to establish connections with industry. This often leads to internships, co-ops, and permanent employment with high-tech corporations such as Chevron, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and HDR.

Establish and promote a scholarship network

Members of CALESS are given up-to-date information on many scholarships for engineering, science, and Chicanx/Latinx students. There are also scholarships given by the organization to members based on merit and financial need.

Establish outreach and enrichment programs for the community

This encompasses tutoring, mentoring and recruitment of high school students for the benefit of advancing Chicanx/Latinx to higher education.

Leadership and personal development

Members can develop leadership skills by getting involved in one of the many committees under CALESS. Industry is looking for leaders that have strong communication and personal skills. CALESS helps you develop those skills.

Enhance member’s transition into Corporate America

CALESS can ease the transition into professional careers by attending SHPE & MAES regional and national conferences, workshops, and retreats.

Encourage members to pursue graduate study

We keep close connections with the Minority Opportunities for Research in Engineering and Graduate Studies to explore opportunities for our members to attend graduate school.